Having a proper backup and disaster recovery plan is an essential factor which is overlooked by many businesses. Every business regardless of its size has data which is very valuable, and they cannot afford to lose it. No business can survive after experiencing a major data loss; even the minor ones have far-reaching effects.

That’s why hiring a disaster recovery company to help with recovering from disasters is very critical for every business enterprise in the 21st century marketplace. Here are some of the things which every business should know about disaster recovery.

Disasters are not always natural

While we should always be aware and prepared for any natural disaster, we need to be ready for other disasters too. Actually, most disasters are not usually natural. The leading causes of data loss are hardware malfunctions and human error.

Even if you are careful in selecting your hardware and training your employees, there is a possibility of disaster-related data loss.

It is more common than what most people think

True or not, many business managers think that their businesses will never experience any IT disaster. However, research has revealed that 78% of businesses have experienced one or more data breaches in the past few years. The possibility of a data breach to happen is much higher compared to the possibility of natural disaster.

The average cost to business is astronomical

This depends on the size of the business and its industry. But any disaster, be it natural of because of other reasons, it can be very detrimental to any business. Statistics have proved that for any business which goes without data for ten or more days, there is a 90% possibility that the business won’t be operational for more than one year afterward.

What can businesses do about it?

Because it is now clear that disasters are not always natural, they are likely to happen than not and can cost a business more than expected, what can businesses do about it?

No business would delight in focus on the worst case scenario, but any businesses which cannot afford to plan for the appropriate course of action; it should anticipate a disaster strike anytime.

Here are some of the things a business can opt to do:

  • Each business should have a formal (documented) business continuity plan.
  • After outlining the plan, the business should ensure that it secures its data.
  • After securing the data, it’s important for the business to consider security and support when selecting a backup service.