There are various ways of protecting data and controlling how it is accessed. The various measures applied to protect digital privacy should not only be machine or web-based but also physical-based.

Despite there being so many threats to the breach of data confidentiality on the internet; not all such threats emanate from the web, some might just be triggered by immaculately dressed malicious persons walking right into your doors.

This means that as you put up web-based and machine-based access control measures, you should also consider coming up with access control solutions to the premises where your computers and even servers are hosted.

Facility control is a very sensitive and vital requirement in the current era especially when it comes to data integrity. Key card access control is just one of the most effective solutions to manage who can and cannot enter your facility. It gives you full control of who goes where and what they do while there.

What key card access control has to offer your data security

With key card access control systems, everyone getting in and out of your facility utilizes electronic credentials to access different authorized areas within your facility. This comes with some advantages to your data integrity including;

A single access control system for all access points with sensitive data utilities

Managing where your computers, servers, and other data utilities are placed that might be compromised within your organization can be an uphill task, especially when the process involved is a manual one.

If you have to assign manual keys to individuals accessing various sensitive rooms with various utilities; it is difficult to monitor when they access such rooms and even how much time they spend there.

With a key card access control system from renown providers such as Veridin card access control solutions, you will have a central access control authority over all access points to areas housing your various data utilities.

Complete control to persons accessing various areas hosting various data utilities

Knowing who went into the office hosting various computers; who went into the files room and between what times; or even who got into the area where servers utilities are housed is essential especially when times for accountability emerge.

With a key card access control, you will have an accurate registry of the recognized persons accessing various areas hosting various data utilities. If Tom went into the office during unofficial hours at the point which something unexpected happened, you will certainly have a foundation to begin your investigations of who might have carried out a data breach internally before looking into the external threats.


With the access control system, you also have the authority of granting and denying different individuals access into different sensitive zones within your organization.


Integration with various data utilities such as computers

In case your key card access control system is a flexible one and can be integrated with your various data utilities such as computers; there will be a sure guarantee of top-notch control of who uses various data utilities within your organization. For example, you can even set up who can log into your organization’s computers or use your WiFi services, based on the privileges registered on their access cards.


In a nutshell, key card access control is one of the best ways to protect your data integrity from compromise within your organization. Therefore, as your organization focuses on web and machine-based access control protocols, they shouldn’t neglect the various access control mechanisms within the facility housing the organizations premises.