There are two words which every IT professional wishes to never mention during their entire career – data recovery. This process usually consumes a lot of time and can be very costly to any organization. However, it can be avoided by implementing a reliable and well-scheduled backup solution and being more careful when handling your computer and storage devices.

But in the event of data loss, there are numerous data recovery software programs and apps which have been designed to support multiple operating systems. Software programs designed for Linux OS or which boot into a specific DOS-like environment from CDs are likely not to support all fundamental features of MAC. However, this article will discuss some of the recommended data recovery software programs for MAC. They include:

Disk Drill Basic

This is a free version of Disk Drill. This app contains functions like Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery in addition to having previewing capabilities for recovered files. These features make the app one of the best Mac data recovery software programs.

Guaranteed recovery is a background service which keeps a record of every file transferred to user-specified folders. Recovery Vault holds a reference to every deleted data. Both of these features reduce the possibilities or permanently losing critical data.

Disk Drill can work on almost all storage devices, including iOS and Android devices. Disk Drill’s latest version had a broad database of file signatures, and it uses scanning algorithms which make it very efficient and fast.


PhotoRec is open source software, but not the most robust free Mac data recovery software program. This means that it’s not only the program but also the open source which is available to the public.

This software can work with Windows, Linux, OS X, Free and Netbsd. It can recover most of the standard file formats like HTML pages, ZIP archive files, JPEG pictures Microsoft Office files and OpenDocument amongst others. The software can recover data from various devices like USB flash drives, hard disks, CD-ROMs and digital camera memory cards.

PhotoRec uses a powerful technology called file carving which enables it to recover data without much difficulty. The software can help Mac users to recover some personal data without requiring using professional applications.

EaseUS data recovery wizard

This is another powerful data recovery software program for Mac users. The program has three versions, which are free, pro, and unlimited. The free version is limited to a maximum 2GB of restored data.

The tool can recover data from Mac notebooks, desktops, hard drives, USB drives and SD cards amongst others. EaseUS, data recovery wizard, works on internal drives supported by HFS+ and on FAT/FAT32 file systems used in external hard disks and USB flash drives connected to Mac computers. It can recover standard file formats mostly used in music, video, image and document files.

The software is designed to recover lost files because of accidental deletions or drive formatting. It also covers data losses caused by power loss and surges or ejecting drives without unmounting first. This tool was designed to handle cases of accidental file deletions.

Softtote Mac Data Recovery

This is free data recovery software for Mac users which offered without any limitations and with free support. The software can recover lost files from both internal and external hard drives.

File types which can be required include Canon, Kodak, Nikon and Fuji image files.  With this application, you can preview details, like image size and the date which the images were created. The software can select the files to recover.

In brief, this software can be included amongst the best data recovery software programs for Mac users. Even though the software is not well known, it deserves a try in case of accidental file loss.